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Do you want to have the most wildly successful salon(s) possible?

Look no further.

The PHD Program exists to empower connection to your higher self.

That’s right.

We already know you’re brilliant. You just need to be surrounded by the right people to bring your brilliance out. 

Passion Harmony Design

Are you ready to thrive?

We are salon owners who love growing other salon owners. We upgrade all areas of your business with salon business education, team growth strategies, & unparalleled personal development.  

Lindsay Lowe & Jen Booth at The Graduate Hotel in Nashville, TN

Do you know the power of a productive salon?

One of the best ways to measure this is your service hours available

divided by your service hours sold.

(We would be happy to teach you more on this concept.)

Would you love 49 ways to increase each service provider over $1000 a month?

Ready to discover that's truly possible?

we got you!

Click below and we will be reaching out to uncover if your Business Tree is reaching its full potential.

Salon Shampoo Area

one step closer to your dream salon!

Do you want to create an environment your community raves about?

 Do you want your salon experience to be so exceptional you have fans for life? Do you want every beauty school graduate to covet the opportunity to work inside your salon?

We would love to offer you a couple of COMPLIMENTARY RESOURCES to make all of that possible.

Salon Owner Coaching Group

Host Amazing Community Events

Salon Recruiting Tips

Recruit like the Pros

Luxury Salon Owner Coaching

Create a
Gold Promise

You may be asking yourself… what is this?

Coaching? A mastermind? A Conference? A Party?

The answer is that it is all that. And a bag of chips, if you will…

Our membership community makes up one of the most beautiful parts of who we are. It’s an entrepreneurial support system to receive tangible business value & deepen your relationships with like-minded people.

Building dream salon teams, 
empowering a lifetime of success.

We see salons popping up on every corner,
like trees. 

How do you stand out as the giant sequoia, flowering dogwood, or trusty old oak tree?

We love to look at our salon companies like growing a big beautiful tree.

It all starts with a seed.

That’s you! And your why.

Next up we have the roots. We like to compare that to your salon’s why & your financial knowledge. Without a strong foundation in these two areas you could never withstand strong winds and all the elements life will toss our way.

Once your roots have created a path a trunk begins to form. This flows into branches, leaves, and flowers. Your people are the leaves and flowers. Most people look at their salon company the opposite way & can’t figure out why they’re stuck and unable to grow.

We would love to change this with you.

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Want to join us on our next adventure?

Luxury Salon Updo

Would you like to enjoy 50 ways to upgrade your guest experience?

What you’ll gain from The PHD Program

Friends for life, solutions to business problems and opportunities,  a fresh perspective, new skills, and a network of entrepreneurs you can trust and enjoy being around.

Some salon owners have said we cured their loneliness at the top plague.

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Lindsay Lowe & Jen Booth Salon Owner Coaches
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